Platinum Soursop Brazilian Graviola Review

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soursop graviolaMany immune system boosting products are becoming popular nowadays like glutathione, green tea extracts, green mango extracts etc. But all these products have not yet been properly researched and their consumption safety can always be doubted. That’s why since the past decade many people have started relying on the herbal extract of Brazilian Soursop for improving the immune system functionality and naturally increasing the antioxidant level in the body. The Platinum Soursop Brazilian Graviola has come up as a promising immune system enhancement product since 2002 that actually works.

Major visible benefits from the Brazilian Graviola

Soursop Platinum has really brought a wonderful product because there was really a strong need in the market for pure Brazilian Graviola extract which isn’t mixed with any dubious supplements. The main benefits that you will get by consuming this product are:-

  • No matter what you age, gender or weight is, this Soursop Brazilian Graviola claims to treat all sorts of immune system problems by decreasing the free radicals in the body scientifically.
  • In this hectic lifestyle a product like this is always a welcome which can actually keep your persistent mood swings at bay by regulating the harmful stress hormones in the body.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it can naturally act as a counterfeiting mechanism for cellular damage. The Brazilian Graviola will act as a powerful antioxidant which will help in protecting the body cells. The cellular protection action of Brazilian Graviola is said to be even more powerful that Glutathione!

Why Soursop’s Brazilian Graviola is the most potent?

The potency level of Soursop’s Brazilian Graviola is really high because this product is 100% pure and no synthetic substituents have been used as potency enhancers. The 100% natural Brazilian Graviola extracts work in the most powerful manner in improving your stamina and disease fighting ability. Soursop really offers the purest form of this extract.

  • The Platinum Soursop Brazilian Graviola is not only totally pure but the concentration of the extract per capsule is also good. After much clinical research, Soursop has used 1000mg extract of this herb in every capsule due to which within a few days of consumption you will start feeling the change in your body’s vigor.
  • If you’re worried that its a cheap Korean product then you are terribly wrong! The Brazilian Graviola from Soursop is a legally licensed product that has passed the American herbal supplement grade test. The product is completely manufactured in laboratories in America.
  • This product has a reputed GMP certification and the users are using this product satisfactorily since one and a half decades now.

How the natural herbal extract actually works?

The therapeutic advantages of this natural extract have been voiced by many physicians across the globe. The light green colored Graviola fruit has been a part of Amazonian lifestyle since many centuries. The Soursop uses the most potent parts of the Graviola tree to manufacture this extract i.e. the fruit, leaves, bark, stem and fruit etc. The extract of Brazilian Graviola naturally heals the damaged cells by undoing the action of free radicals that are produced in the body due to many reasons like stress, lifestyle, environment, unhealthy food etc.

This extract gently cleanses the system of free radicals and empowers the healthy cells with cell-protective antioxidants. Overall system repair is facilitated by the Brazilian Graviola in order to enhance the disease resistance ability of the body. You would get freedom from common ailments like cold, flu, cough etc. Platinum is so sure of its product that it even provides trial bottle for the first time users. You can practically use this product for `free’ if you aren’t satisfied with it because of the 100% money refund policy.

Consider what other users think about this product

Kelly says “I work nonstop in a 9-5 job and I have to take care of my 4 year old Brian too. I really get stressed out being a single mom and that showed in my health. I used to catch flu so easily which would put Brian in the risk of infection too. I was really worried about my poor immune system and my recurring stress bouts. Then I just came across Platinum Soursop’s Brazilian Graviola on the internet while searching for herbal remedy to my problem. I am truly glad that I found this product which made my immune system really strong with just a few weeks’ regular dosage. I think the key lies in its purity!”

Adam says “I sometimes really felt sorry that I couldn’t take proper care of the food that my 7 year old daughter ate. After her mom left us, it just has been work and alcohol. My daughter used to eat a lot of junk food and I used to feel really guilty about it. Both of us had a poor immune system and we used to fall ill very soon. Also, I experienced that I was feeling excessively tired even at the age of 37. My friend suggested this product named Brazilian Graviola to us. Me and my daughter have been using it since past 3 months and I am satisfied with it. I am so much relieved that neither of falls sick easily now. I just love it when I cook healthy dinners for my daughter because I don’t feel that much tired now. Totally love this product.”


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Spectrum Nutraceutical Review – Supplement for Kids with Special Needs

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spectrumIt has long been a challenge for parents of children with autism and other special needs to control their children. This includes seeing how children can be treated with regards to improving their awareness and social skills as well as their general visual skills.

However, Spectrum Nutraceutical has been introduced as a means of helping parents with these children to help them develop a better livelihood. It works well as a vitamin and mineral blend that is designed to improve the general health of a child with special needs. It even comes with its own occupational training program.

What Does the Program Entail?

The Spectrum Nutraceutical program uses an essential oil compound and daily supplement for children with special needs to take each day. It covers a number of different materials including many of the basic vitamins and minerals that children require. This is critical for children with autism who may end up being adverse to consuming specific types of foods.

This product includes commonplace vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B6, B12 and C as well as key components like zinc, calcium, biotic, folic acid and taurine. It also includes Methyl-B12, a compound used to protect brain cells and nerve endings, dimethylglycine to help support behavioral changes, quercetin to enhance the immune system and L-Carnitine to build proteins. These are critical for a child’s growth to ensure that it is healthy.

The essential oils compound includes black currant oil as its key ingredient. It is a fatty acid product that features gamma-linoleic acid to help protect the body’s tissues.

This is also paired with an occupational training program that parents can receive to go with this particular product. There are occupational training programs for children with autism as well as programs on how to regulate emotions, enhance motor skills and improve awareness and handle the sensory needs that children have. These are used to help children be more proficient in home and at school.

Useful for Children

The best part of Spectrum Nutraceutical is that it is easier for children with autism and other special needs to handle. Children who might be very sensitive to many different triggers or things that they come across can use this product for all of their nutritional needs. This is thanks in part to how the supplement is easier to consume.

This compound uses a series of drops for the oils and a powdered formula for the other supplement. This is to ensure that a child will be more likely to use this product without any risks. It is particularly easy for parents to mix this up.

This is designed with a formula that is safe and easy for people to utilize. These products contain no sugar, gluten, soy, GMO ingredients or any kind of artificial flavors or colorings. It is something that will easily move into a child’s body and will not create any irritation that might cause a child to not want to take the product.


I have had an extremely difficult time trying to get my daughter to eat right. Today I have been able to help her get the nutrition she needs through Spectrum Nutraceutical and she’s never been better.” ~ Chandra B., Cincinnati

My nine-year-old son is finally eating the foods he needs for his diet thanks to Spectrium Nutraceutical. The occupational training program has really helped me out with helping him to get better grades in school.” ~ Tim F., Seattle

I really like how this product is easy to use and safe for my child. My child is not responding negatively to anything I’ve given him.” ~ Laura P., Traverse City


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5-HTP Max Review

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That obesity can be a physically challenging is well known fact. What’s not that well known to most is that it can affect you emotionally leading you into depression, anxiety causing a number of mood swings making you difficult to be around. It also kills the self esteem you have of yourself not allowing you to look at yourself as the person you are but always positioning yourself as less than your counterparts. Besides this, being overweight or obese puts a person at risk to a number of diseases.

There are ways to battle the issue you have within yourself by the well known solutions of exercise, dieting, etc.

A less known or tried solutions is 5HTP. A natural diet supplementary known to aid weight loss & assist in helping you achieve the perfect slumber you need naturally.

What is 5HTP?

5HTP is a dietary supplement that works naturally by increasing your body’s level of serotonin, which plays an important role in controlling your appetite as well as enhancing your mood.

This helps people cut down calorie consumption with minimum side effects because of the natural ingredients used.

Through daily use research has shown that one can experience better, healthier living, better mood & reduced hunger levels eventually helping in weight loss naturally.

How does it work?

Our body is known to naturally make 5HTP from tryptophan which is then converted to a hormone known as serotonin. This is the neurotransmitter/ hormone that aids in the entire procedure that 5HTP is known for.

Most neurotransmitters/ hormones are known to cause unrest in our bodies but 5HTP calms and helps relax your mood immediately, helping you sleep better.

Research shows that serotonin in a natural hormone plays an important role in enhancing our mood. The lack of the serotonin hormone is what causes depression or emotional upheavals in the human body leading to an increase in appetite which in turn leads to weight gain.

5HTP directly targets that problem area. Through the intake of 5HTP your body produces the serotonin hormone reducing stress levels in your body, keeping you light spirited, and light hearted with a reduced need to eat which in turn results in weight loss naturally.

No Harmful Side Effects Involved

A study has shown that women who have consumed 5HTP ate 1,084 calories less every day and felt less hungry than they normally would. They were also known to lose almost 10 pounds in 12 weeks as compared to any other weight loss program.

Research also addresses the concern in most consumers about the level of production of the hormone serotonin – it has been proved that the production of this hormone is at a balanced level leading to no side effects to the human body.

Words from Satisfied 5HTP Users

“Best buy for international customers. The product is really good. Giving good results just in 5 days. My sleep has improved. I feel fresh when I get up (Which is a good sign of recovery). And this is natural product Hence no side effect.” ~ Mark

“We are using this for my father who gets up several times a night and it seems to be working!” ~ Jeri A Bettis Rohus

“Since I read all the scary literature I was nervous about taking 5HTP. I also read a couple books on my nook about 5HTP and how it works, benefits, what to watch out for, etc… I have noticed that I am sleeping 99.9% better than I was before. That is wonderful! A full night’s sleep where I wake up rested and happy. As for my mood I notice a lifting, happier and not in a fog.” ~ Nancy Morell

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Dancers Who Smoke – How Vaporizers Make a Difference

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Professional dancers often need a little bit of help with making it easier for them to dance. This includes the need to open one’s airways to make it a little easier for that person to actually dance and move around without any problems coming from what’s going on. It’s especially important considering how intensive many dances might be.

That’s where the use of a vaporizer might help. You might be impressed at the way how a vaporizer can work for a dancer. The odds are you can use it for the same benefits as well. Here are a few of the reasons why vaporizers are as useful as they can be when getting anything to work for your body.


Keeping Airways Going

It will be easier for you to keep your airways healthy when you use a vaporizer. Many dancers use vaporizers to get rid of the blockages in their airways. These include spots that might cause the lungs and other spaces around the respiratory system to open up. This should be used to give anyone an easier time with keeping one’s breathing patterns intact and healthy.

Keeping the Body Lubricated

There’s also the benefit of how water vapors that come from a vaporizer can be used to move into the body and keep its tissues under control and soft. This is a good benefit that makes it a little easier for the tissues to feel their best and to be a little more relaxed. It keeps you from suffering from too many problems as you are trying to keep your body active and ready for whatever you want to do.

You might benefit from this because your body won’t feel too much pain. A dancer will benefit because it will be a little easier for that person to move around and kept the body steady and active even when trying to bend. This is useful for all sorts of dances where bending motions and flexibility are so important.

Keeping the Body Energized

There is also the benefit of the body feeling energized when using a vaporizer. A typical dancer needs to work with as much energy as possible in order to make any dancing activity work out right. A vaporizer will be the key to giving the body a healthy feel that it will enjoy.

The energy that you’d experience from the vapors in a vaporizer will certainly be of benefit to you. They will give you a sudden high that keeps you active without worrying about the crash that comes from nicotine or caffeine. Many dancers use this to make them alert and ready for their performances. You could certainly use this to make your everyday activities a little easier to maintain and go through as long as you use it correctly.

Vaporizers are truly valuable when it comes to keeping the body active. Dancers use vaporizers to make themselves feel their best and the odds are you can use these to also give yourself an upper hand.

Author Bio: Mark is a graduate of the School of Journalism at Delhi University in New Delhi, India. As a fan of dance, he was compelled to write about use of volcano digit vaporizer while dancing

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Premier Health Chiropractic in CA Can Treat Cases of Subluxation

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Subluxation is a condition that might sound unusual but it is a condition that is worth taking a careful look at. This is where spinal vertebrae bones can become misaligned and cause pains.

This is a tough condition because it can cause a number of tough problems. First, it can cause stiffness and joint pain. It can also cause fatigue and soreness around the body. Muscle spasms can occur just as well.

These problems are difficult but you can get the help of a chiropractor to make it easier for you to keep your condition from being worse than it could be. You should check with your chiropractor to see how a solution can be used to keep your body as safe as it can be.

Common Adjustments

Premier Health Chiropractic in CA can help you out by providing you with a series of adjustments and movements to keep your spinal column as healthy as possible. Part of this involves the use of adjustments in individual vertebrae in the spinal column.

Your chiropractor will have to examine the area and even perform x-rays if necessary. The actions must be maintained well enough to keep the body healthy and active.

You will generally have to use adjustments to individual bone fragments but your chiropractor may also check on your nerves. Sometimes these parts of the area have to be treated just as well to keep the area from being more painful than it has to be.


How Many Adjustments?

A chiropractor will have to use a progressive series of treatments to keep your back healthy. You may have to be checked about two or three weeks after you get an initial treatment. This should be enough to help you out with keeping your body healthy and relaxed.

The goal is to get rid of as many nerve ending obstructions as possible. These obstructions can make subluxation worse than it already is and must be treated carefully so the risk that comes with this condition can be avoided. The goal is to move all of the nerves in the area back to the point where they were before subluxation occurred, thus keeping the body a little more protected.

Other Adjustments

Your chiropractor might encourage you to get into a few other adjustments. These aren’t necessarily solutions that physically change your body but are rather adjustments designed to keep your body a little easier to maintain.

Adjustments can include plans to fix your spinal column by using a healthier diet or by using better movements in your body. Only your chiropractor can determine what lifestyle changes you need to make to make sure that there are no problems coming from whatever you are getting yourself into.

You will have to talk with your chiropractor if you are suffering from subluxation. This is a tough condition that can be painful unless your chiropractor is able to treat it the right way.

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SleepPro Review – Stop Snoring Problem

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sleep proSnoring has been a problem for many as it does not only affect your sleep cycle, but it can also be a problem to those around you. Why should you continue experiencing this problem while you can find a solution to stop this problem at a cost effective price. SleepPro is one of the best ways that you can stop this problem of snoring through various devices that are available of this brand. Effects of snoring are many and among them is lower productivity during the day as a result of interrupted of sleep and therefore with a device such as sleepPro then you can avoid all this.

How SleepPro Works

Devices that are designed to curb snoring problem have been medically approved to be used by people with such problem. SleepPro devices are made in such a way that it is easy to wear them in the mouth while sleeping so that air can flow smoothly through the mouth as well as in the nose and thereby eliminating this problem of snoring. These sleepPro devices are manufactured in such a way that they are comfortable being worn at night and therefore helping in peaceful sleeps.

There are different types of devices that are available in sleepPro brand and they are slightly different so to match users of these devices. For instance standard sleepPro can be bought by anyone who would like to try it and later upgrade to specific device that they feel will fit them well. For user of this device will be required to first boil the device and bite it so that it can take the shape of their mouth. However, when you feel that you will need a specific device that will suit you better then you can go ahead and order for a sleepPro custom.

Your mouth will be measured as well as your dental alignment and then mouthpiece that will fit you just the way you want will be molded just the way you will order. For the ones who will have a standard device here are some of the few things that they should note. The first thing that you will do is to place the device in hot water which helps in softening the device. Then, you will remove it from water and let it cool slightly before going ahead to placing it in the mouth and biting it. You will be required to hold it in your mouth until it has cooled down so that it can take the shape of your mouth.

Benefits of SleepPro

There are many benefits that this device has as compared to other method of treatment of snoring problem. The first benefit that you will find in these devices is that they are cheaper as compared to other forms of treatment. This means that you will save more money through the use of these devices as compared to other medical procedure that cost a fortune to go through.

Another benefit of sleepPro devices is that it is easy to use them without the need of any training. For instance it uses boil and bite technology which is not a complicated procedure to undertake. There is also an option where a client may order for a tailor made device that will fit in the mouth straight from the company.

You are also offered a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the device.


Grace Parker, New York –  My husband has been having a problem of snoring for a long time and after using sleepPro he has finally dealt with this problem. We can now have a peaceful and comfortable night without any worry. I don’t have to spend my night counting the hours remaining so that I can wake up after disruption of my sleep.

John William, Boston, USA – I can now have a good night without worry of disrupting sleep of my spouse thanks to sleepPro.

James Scott, Chicago, – I have finally found a cheap product that works for me and is easy to use. After trying other products in the market, i have finally settled on sleepPro which is more efficient than other products.

Johnston Gerry, Toronto, Canada – I want to thank you for sleepPro which has helped me overcome snoring problem. I don’t have to deal with fatigue at work due to poor sleeping cycle as this product has become one of my most cherished devices in my home.


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Joint Relief Solution Review – Helps Anyone’s Joints

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joint-relief-solutionThe need for anyone to keep one’s joints healthy is important. This is particularly essential considering how the shoulders, wrists, hips and knees are important for moving the body around. The pains around one’s joints can come from fatigue in the joints and a loss of cartilage. This might result in arthritis in many cases.

This is where Joint Relief Solution may prove to be useful. Joint Relief Solution is a supplement used to help anyone out with controlling joints in a number of different places.

How the Product Works

Joint Relief Solution is made with a formula used to relax the joints. This formula is designed to help lubricate the joints and to also prevent the joints from wearing out after a while.

Glucosamine is included in Joint Relief Solution. This amino sugar is found in cartilage and is a necessity for keeping the joints healthy and relaxed.

Chondroitin is also included in this product. It is found in human bones and is known to prevent enzymes that break down cartilage from moving into the joints. This is often paired alongside glucosamine in order to keep the body healthy and comfortable.

Several other organic solutions are included in this product. White willow bark is used to control pains thanks to how it uses the same chemical structure used in aspirin. Curcumin is also added because it uses anti-inflammatory features to prevent the joints from feeling sore after a while. Avocado soybean unsaponifiables are also made to help with controlling pains around the body by preventing joint pains and even reducing the body’s needs for using NSAIDs.

Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, is also included as a natural painkiller. This uses sulfur to ease nerve impulses around the body, thus preventing pains from being worse than they could be.

What Effects Come From It?

There are many benefits to find with regards to Joint Relief Solution. The most notable benefit from it is that it controls the effects of arthritis. While it is not to be used as a cure of arthritis or any other kind of joint issue, it is still an effective product to see with regards to keeping the body active and healthy.

There are no serious side effects from the use of this product either. It is safe to consume because it does not use NSAIDs that might wear out the body after a while. This product does include some shellfish-based ingredients though, thus making it dangerous for those who might not be able to consume this ingredient properly.

The effects may particularly be beneficial when using a healthy diet and exercise program. This is because a person who keeps one’s body mass index under control will be more likely to enjoy the benefits of Joint Relief Solution.



My knees have been acting up for years and I have used many arthritis treatments to keep these pains under control. Joint Relief Solution helped me out with keeping my knees covered and has made me less dependent on the medications I’ve been using for a while.”  ~ Arthur S., Atlanta

Joint Relief Solution has given me a better sense of support for my shoulders and back. I used to have to use hot and cold therapy all the time but now Joint Relief Solution is easing my body without giving me too many problems. It has saved me the time and trouble with so many other treatments I’ve been using.” ~ Randy T., Philadelphia


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The Ramifications of Legalizing Marijuana In Washington State

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On the December 6th 2012, marijuana was legalized for recreational use in the state of Washington, a month after citizens opted to vote for decriminalization of the drug. At this time, public abuse of the substance continues to carry a $100 fine although general complaints over ‘mixed messages’ on this front have led many to believe that this will not be the case for too much longer. Is it time for a firm stance to be made? And what are the ultimate upshots of such legislation going through in Washington? How soon will it be before other states follow suit?

As the news broke on December 7th, hundreds of enthusiasts made their way to the Seattle’s famous Space Needle Tower to celebrate their state’s innovative stance armed with bongs, pipes and hand-rolled joints amid a hazy atmosphere of reggae music and happy chanting. The law legalizes possession of up to 16oz of solid cannabis-infused goods – such as brownies or cookies – and up to 72 oz of weed in liquid form, as well as the pure form of the drug itself. Within the year licensed stores throughout the state will be permitted to sell the drug at a tax rate of 25%, a considerable step forward given the situation just 12 months ago. The state Liquor Control Board, along with agriculture and public health officials, has until next December to set up a regulation system.The Ramifications of Legalizing Marijuana In Washington State

‘A boost for the economy’

So what are the expected effects of the legalization? Experts are predicting a very favorable impact on Washington’s economy – experts believe the in-store taxation could bring the state hundreds of millions of dollars a year in new revenue, but the justice department has not yet reported whether it will sue to block the regulatory schemes proposed in the legislation. Any decision to crack down on other states with liberal drug laws across the United States by government institutions could affect Washington’s plans to raise tax revenues from the licensed and controlled marijuana market.

Cannabis has been legalized for medical use in Washington since 1998, but permission for use recreationally could finally spell an end to the harmful strains and dangerous mixing of a drug whose regulation will render it far safer for casual use – its illegality made it potentially destructive but tighter restrictions, as have been applied to alcohol for decades, will clean it up and make it safer for public consumption.

‘Uncertain legislation’

One worry relates to the role of federal legislation in the matter – how can drug-law authorities enforce their position in an individual state when national law states otherwise? The decision as to how to proceed is still highly unclear, but there is remains a general consensus that the authority of such agencies will diminish in the face of more liberal state legislation on marijuana.

Supporters of the Washington law insist it does not encourage or require anyone to break federal law, yet marijuana remains illegal under US law. That means federal agents can still arrest people for it, and it is banned from federal properties, including national parks, military bases and other public locations. Such divergences need to be resolved in the coming year, otherwise various problems could arise.

The future

How many other states will follow Washington’s lead? The citizens of Colorado passed their consensus in November and the law came into effect in late January; New York has a legalization bill currently pending, Pennsylvania reintroduced their proposition as recently as last week and over 10 states (including Oklahoma and Iowa) have legislation bills in progress for medicinal use of the drug. The tide seems to have turned in the pursuit of the legalization of marijuana, and there is no telling how far this could run – and it can’t be too long until Congress catches on.

An avid writer, Stanley Martinson is interested in all things pertaining to health and health care. Recently his fascination has turned towards addiction and rehabilitation. For more information on rehab, read this.

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The Medical Side of Drug Rehabilitation

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The behavioral and spiritual side of drug addiction recovery is lauded for its effectiveness. Many drug programs use behavioral modification, spiritual counseling, exercise and replacement activities, and other mentally-focused treatments are considered highly effective and responsible for the final recovery of thousands of drug addicts across the globe. However, many of these therapy methods could not be possible without the medical side of drug rehabilitation.

The importance of medical treatment

The medical side of drug rehab involves a variety of medical treatment and recovery methods that help patients through the detoxification process and control their cravings in the initial stages of drug rehab. Without medical intervention, many drug addicts could not withstand the rigors of the cravings and detox process that occur after stopping drug use. Modern medicine makes it possible for addicts to carry through the initial cravings and rigors of detoxification in an easier way, which makes it possible for patients to focus on other recovery methods.The Medical Side of Drug Rehabilitation

The benefits of medical drug rehab treatments
Medication and medical intervention are essential in the drug recovery process. Medicine is used to reduce withdrawal pains, reduce cravings, focus the mind, and can even help prevent relapse. In some extreme addiction cases, medicine is also used to slowly wean the addict off of their original addiction by administering lower doses of the same drug or a varying form of the drug. Sometimes the shock of quitting a drug cold turkey is too much for the body to handle, which can cause extreme side effects, like seizures, strokes, or even death. Using medicine to wean the body slowly off a powerful drug can make the recovery process much easier, and even save lives.

When is medicine used in the recovery process?
Medications and medical intervention are used the most in the early stages of drug recovery. Medicine such as painkillers and IV fluids are used during the initial withdrawal stage of recovery. In the first stages of treatment, a drug rehab center may use a variety of medications to help the addict wean from drug addiction without causing dangerous side effects. However, unless treatment continues after the initial detoxification process, the patient is likely to relapse back into their original drug habit or form a new attachment to the medications used to ease the recovery process.

Medicine is also used during the treatment phase of drug rehab. Generally, these medications are used to restore normal brain and body functions and to reduce the cravings that an addict feels. Currently, there are only a few medications that can help with drug recovery. Addictions to alcohol, nicotine, opioids, stimulants, and marijuana all have medicine-based treatment options. Individuals who are addicted to multiple forms of drugs respond well to a medically-based treatment method because of their wide range of addiction.

Without medicine, the drug recovery process would be harder and less successful than it is today. While holistic and 12-step style recovery programs are highly effective recovery programs, without the benefit of modern medicine, many individuals would never make it to the therapy part of recovery. For this reason, medicine is an extremely important part of the drug addiction recovery process.

This post was written by Stanley Martinson. Stanley is concerned with issues of health and drug abuse. If you’re interested in reading more on this pertinent subject, click here!

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The Holistic Approach to Drug Recovery

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Recovering from drug addiction is a serious issue that takes much time and effort to complete. Drug rehab centers provide a variety of rehabilitation methods all with varying success rates. Throughout the years, rehab centers have followed various trendy recovery programs. In the past few years, one of the most popular trends for drug recovery is the holistic approach. The holistic approach provides a multi-centered approach to drug recovery that can be highly effective.

The philosophy behind holistic drug therapy
Holistic drug therapy helps addicts recover from drug addiction in several ways. The therapy program focuses on restoring the spirit, mind, and body to recover from addicting behaviors and unhealthy thoughts. One of the main phillosphies in holistic therapy is that individuals addicted to drugs should be treated as people, rather than treated just as clinical patients. The goal is to help each patient recover in body, spirit, and mind.

How does holistic drug recovery work?
Most modern holistic drug rehab centers use a combination of medical technology and holistic treatment programs combined with individual and group therapy. In the early stages of treatment, patients are given a variety of modern medicines to make the detoxification process easier. After the initial detox process, patients are treated with a variety of holistic therapies, including nutritional diet changes, meditation techniques, acupuncture, massage and spa therapies, herbal supplements, and spiritual counseling. Patients will also receive medically-assisted individual and group therapy counseling to help conquer drug addiction.The Holistic Approach to Drug Recovery

Do holistic treatments work?
While many people scoff at the idea of holistic drug rehab programs, they can actually provide a solid foundation for life-long drug addiction recovery. With holistic treatment, patients are treated on a case-by-case basis. Therapy methods used for one patient may not be as effective for another, so the counselors and medical staff create a unique holistic approach based on individual need. One patient may respond well to spiritual counseling, while another may respond better to diet and exercise changes. The benefit of holistic treatments is that they can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of each patient at the center.

Will insurance cover holistic treatment centers?
In most cases, major insurance providers will provide coverage for holistic treatment centers. Since most holistic centers also use traditional medical recovery techniques as well with certified doctors, medical staff, and counselors, traditional insurance providers will likely cover at least a part of drug rehab treatment. Some insurance companies may not cover drug rehab unless treatment is mandated by a court, so always check with your insurance provider before signing up for any drug rehab program, holistic or otherwise.

Just like with many other programs, a multi-faceted approach to drug rehab will lead to higher success rates. A holistic drug rehab center provides the multi-step approach that many addicts require to obtain full recovery. If you appreciate the philosophy of combining mind, body, and spirit in recovery programs, then you will benefit from the experiences and treatment methods used in a holistic drug rehab facility.

This is a guest post provided by Stanley Martinson. A part time writer, stanley is currently focused on drug related issues, and how to solve them. For more information on the subject, look at this!

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