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Quality service is one of the quintessential requirements in every single business or business sector. eBusinesses are no exceptions here. For a website to work well, it also needs to receive quality services from the web host company. Many web host firms have been started up and are in operation in providing services to those conducting online business. This has made it hard for people to select the best service provider fast. It may take an individual hours, days, or even weeks to reach out to the best service provider. To kill this long search, many have tried to run to web hosting reviews in order to get a summary on the functions of all the existing web host firms and narrow down to the best.

The fastest way to getting the best web hosting firm in town is through the use of top 10 web hosting review sites. Through these reviews, it is clear that plenty of information that will be open for the public to read about the web hosting sites. Web hosting reviews are known for their detailed as well as concise information of web host firms. On many occasions, users are compelled to leave reviews on products and services that they have been in a position to enjoy and this provides information to the public on where to get the best service.

Getting your fingers on an excellent web host firm has now been made easy. Now you are wondering how. All you need are a few hours set aside to browse through legitimate review sites to fid out the best hosting site. When you are looking for a hosting site, you should try to focus on the major aspects that a good hosting company needs to have. The use of legitimate reviews guarantees individuals accurate information about the web-hosting site.

Customer service is very important in service provision. Web hosting is unlike other one-time service provisions, as it is an ongoing service. Clients are beneficiaries of web hosting services as long as they are conducting their online business. With quality customer service, all issues that may stream up at any time will be resolved fast. Through reviews, it is possible to know if a firm is in a position to give quality customer service or not.

Other than customer service reliability and functionality of a web host is of great need. This information is easy to get over web host reviews. Reviews shed more information on the functionality of the web host services. Other than this, it gives information on the bandwidth and the accessibility to business tools. Looking at this compared to fishing for information individually over web host firm websites has a big difference. You get real information on the operation of the web hosting company and the source to its actual operation is over reviews. It is crucial that you keep in mind the need to look for the top 10 web hosting review sites if you want to get accurate information.

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SiteServing Review

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SiteServing is a privately held company that was initially founded in 2000. SiteServing is built on the belief that all customers are equal, regardless of their monthly contribution.

Having not recently heard about SiteServing, we decided to explore them and see what they are all about. After having reviewed the site from stern to bow, we found that they have a huge knowledge base (literally packed with anything you can imagine), and we also discovered that they have an extensive forum. This then peeked our interested to take a look further into their hosting platform, which we outline in great detail below.

Our experience with SiteServing thus far:

From the outside, SiteServing is a professionally done service with great attention to detail. Nothing on the website is left to chance, and from our quick scan of the site, there isn’t even a single broken or missing image.

Having a wide selection of service plans, SiteServing seems to cover every need, from shared hosting services, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, domains, and even hosting licenses. They seem to be a one-stop-shop for just about everything.

Pricing; isn’t it always the big question?

SiteServing’s pricing structure seems to be fair and balanced, while still being on par with the other web hosting providers. SiteServing seems to ensure that its pricing is not only fair, but the resources provided are fair as well – so there isn’t an over powering weight on either side of the equation.

From a visitors perspective, SiteServing carries value for money, as its extensive web hosting services carry a vast amount of support resources, such as video tutorials, web hosting forum, live chat, extensive knowledge base, and blog and for about $2.45/mo – you can’t really go wrong. Most providers don’t even come close to the level of assistance and documentation provided by SiteServing, not to mention them even trying to surpass it.

So what makes SiteServing a good deal?

SiteServing web hosting is based on the all-famous cPanel control panel, which allows website owners and Webmasters to easily make adjustments on their websites. SiteServing also offers two auto installers, Softaculous and Fantastico, as well as providing a website builder called RVSiteBuilder.

SiteServing’s varying money back guarantee is also another feat in itself. It provides a “no-questions asked” money back guarantee for all its services, well above similar policies at other web hosting providers. So, be assured that you’ll get your money back.

Additionally, SiteServing hasn’t branded itself as an “over seller” where it allows customers to obtain “unlimited everything” but at a reasonable price. That way, you can be assured that you are not going to purchase an “unlimited everything” web hosting provider account and then just to find out that they have limited you on something else (very common occurrence).

So what can go wrong with SiteServing web hosting?

As far as a web hosting provider goes, there shouldn’t be anything that goes wrong with them, as they seem to have all of their basis covered. Their servers contain dual power supplies, processors, hard drive configurations (RAID-10), dual network interfaces, and a vast amount of other redundancies. All these redundancies ensure that your data is always safe on the SiteServing servers.

Furthermore, SiteServing incorporates a proprietary resource sharing application that ensures that no customer ever suffers an outage due to a bad neighbor on the server. So you can rest assured that not only is your data safe from a hardware perspective, but also from a software perspective as well!

So what’s the overall impression?

The overall impression of SiteServing is that they understand how the industry works, and how to look after customers. SiteServing appears from the outside, and inside to have a firm grip on what it takes to provide a proper and reliable web hosting service.

While SiteServing hasn’t been a brand that has been heard of tremendously, it appears to be a brand that understands the needs of the customers and does that with style and class. So you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Conclusion; to-go or not-to-go?

SiteServing certainly packs a punch on the first visit of the website and its scale. The team working at SiteServing seems to have a solid and practical approach to resolving questions and/or problems. SiteServing should definably be a company that you should try out as your next web hosting provider!

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Dedicated Server – Reliable, Economical and Comfortable

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You will beat your competitors if you choose really reliable hosting: the dedicated server is exactly what you need for stable work without technical failures and “breaks for maintenance”. You can rent it at ServerClub even right now if you like and upload to it anything you like: databases, websites, confidential information etc. The rent of dedicated server lets you completely control all your projects. You will forget about downtime, slow web page loading speed and overall system instability. But the most important reason of them all is that all resources will work solely for your company! You are renting not just the hardware, place in a mounting rack and connectivity – you also receive the warranty for the safety of a server, the uninterrupted power supply and, which is of no small importance, the climate control (appropriate cooling etc.)

ServerClub can offer you hardware of the best world manufacturers, including compact single-CPU Dell servers with unlimited traffic and enhanced control possibilities. Besides that, you can also order the setup of any server configuration and building of a dedicated server for your specific tasks. Talking about bandwidth, you can get optical line with up to 400Gbps (currently the minimum speed is 220Gbps). The initial software installation can be made at any time during renting period – professionally and free.

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A Small Orange Web Hosting Review

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A Small Orange is one web hosting company that gives entrepreneurs a lot of bang for their buck. Its small package is one of the best bargains in web hosting for companies on budget.

A Small Orange Small Package

For just $5 a month A Small Orange’s small package gives customers: 10 GB of bandwidth and 400 megabytes of space. That’s enough room to host the average e-commerce website with quite a bit of space to spare.

The small package also gives A Small Orange customers unlimited subdomains, unlimited add-on domains and unlimited e-mail. This means that a person can put up a very elaborate website and keep it up and running for just $5 a month.

The A Small Orange small package also gives customers the Fantastico tool which lets them set up a content management system with little or no effort. Fantastico can enable a person to create a blog or any other content wanted.

It is also very easy to monitor traffic with the Small Package’s web statistics. This can enable anyone to monitor the statistics quickly and easily.

With the small package anybody can set up and maintain a basic website for just $5 a month. This can enable people to quickly enter the world of e-commerce and develop additional streams of income.

Other A Small Orange Services

A Small Orange has a hosting package that’s even cheaper than the Small Package. The Tiny Package gives a person 75MB of domain space and three gigabytes of bandwidth for just $25 a year. This would be perfect for a person or business that wants a very basic website with no e-commerce features.

If your business is growing and needs more bandwidth and domain space A Small Orange offers the Medium Package. For just $10 a month the Medium gives customers 1000 megabytes of space and 25 gigabytes of bandwidth.

When a business really starts growing it can take advantage of the Large Package. The Large Package gives an entrepreneur a whopping 2500 MB of domain space and 60 gigabytes of bandwidth to play with for just $20 a month.

Once a business is really successful it can graduate to the Super Package. The Super Package offers 4500 megabytes of space and 100 gigabytes of bandwidth for just $30 a month.

A Small Orange also has hosting plans designed specifically for business as low as $20 a month. This means that both individuals trying to augment the family income with a web start up and established businesses can take advantage of A Small Orange’s services. Switching to A Small Orange can reduce net hosting costs considerably.

A Small Orange Background

A Small Orange is an independent web hosting company not a repackager. A Small Orange LLC owns and operates its own servers. It isn’t a front for another web hosting service such as GoDaddy.

A Small Orange has a highly experienced support staff that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year. This means that they will be there when you need them.

A Small Orange’s support staff is also available to provide a wide variety of web based business solutions including software installation, configuration tuning, custom server solutions, software creation and more.

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Just Host Hosting Review – JustHost Customer Reviews Ratings

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There is an affordable and well reviewed new web hosting company that is attracting a lot of positive attention. Just Host can provide an entrepreneur with unlimited amounts of hosting capacity for as little as $3.45 a month.

This means that a company could host all of its websites and blogs in one Just Host account. It goes without saying that this could result in substantial savings on internet hosting costs for companies that switch to Just Host.

Just Host’s basic hosting plan can provide a company with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited addon domain and a domain name for life. This plan is available for either $4.95 a month for 24 months or $3.45 a month for 36 months. This makes Just Host perfect for entrepreneurs who are starting a web based company or companies trying to save money on web hosting.

All about Just Host

Just Host is a relatively new player in the web hosting business that is developing a really good reputation for providing high quality service at a really good price. Just Host is based in the United Kingdom but also operates servers in the USA and Australia.

Just Host’s state of the art data center features 2,000 new servers that are protected by the latest in fire suppression and power loss protection technology. This means that Just Host’s server won’t go down and loose your data.

Just Host Customer Service

The servers are backed up by customer support that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by both chat and e-mail. This means that somebody will be available to help you with your question or problem when you need them.

The smooth ordering process and simple set allows Just Host customers to get hosting services set up almost instantly. It is easy enough for the average person and those with little net experience to use and set up a site.

Just Host is so confident in their service that it guarantees 99.9% uptime which means their hosting never shuts down. Your website will always be up and running when it is hosted by Just Host.

Just Host will give any customer dissatisfied with its services a full or prorated refund. Unlike some hosting companies Just Host will refund dissatisfied customers at any time and not after a specific period of time.

Any firm that transfers its websites to Just Host will get the added bonus of $50 worth of Myspace credits. This can help a firm get started with My Space marketing.

Just Host for First Timers

Just Host would be an ideal hosting company for a web entrepreneur on a budget. A Just Host plan would allow such an entrepreneur to set up a number of different websites or blogs for marketing purposes. For example a company that markets several different products could set up a website for each product at no additional charge using Just Host.

Just Host would be an ideal company for those engaged in affiliate marketing and other forms of internet marketing to do business with. Just Host could be the next big name in web hosting.

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HostNine Web Hosting User Reviews and Coupons

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Founded in 2006 by people of good web hosting experience, HostNine offers reseller, shared and dedicated webhosting. A first glimpses of their website, gives one the impression that they offer good webhosting services.

Control Panel

HostNine offer its customer with the industry-standard control panel, cPanel Control panel. This therefore means easy website administration, databases, files, security, domains and much other functionality. The Reseller and Merchant websites use a more powerful and secure Reseller Central Control Panel. This type also eases management of client databases. In addition to this, reseller websites are offered with WebHost Manager, which eases the entire server management and its hosting accounts.

Features and Pricing

HostNine is considerate and offers very flexible web hosting plans that suit diverse website needs. Many webhosting service providers tend to provide customers with too much space and bandwidths, which they might not need, or use in future but still pay for. At HostNine, they offer the amount of space that carter fully for an individual’s website services. For resellers and shared hosting categories, there are four different hosting plans while the dedicated category has three plans of choice. The last time we checked, HostNine’s basic shared plan has a limit of 100GB bandwidth plus a maximum disk space of 5GB, which can be considered enough to run for most websites, which do not intend to host many videos.

Shared and Reseller

Comparing with other competitors on the same level as HostNine, they offer cheaper prices although with a lesser but sufficient amount of disk space and lower bandwidths for an average website owner. This plan can be said to be the best for those who want to host less videos and more information in writing format. Reseller accounts have an option to choose where they want the websites to be physically located, with an option of one of the eight U.S based servers or in three other locations globally. This means that the risk of grounding all the websites incase one server fails is minimized.

Dedicated and Merchant

HostNine has three categories under the dedicated plan. This plan runs on three operating systems, Windows, CentOS and RedHat. Besides the prices being lower in webhosting cost, they offer better features at that same price including WebHost Manager, Dedicated Hosting administration’s standard application. For merchant and resellers, there is a provision of a ModernBill billing software that is integrated with the website to enable transactions to be done on that same website without redirecting to other websites.

Customer Care, Guarantee and Conclusion

Although they state on their website that they offer 24/7 customer services, there is some truth in saying that this is not true, however once connected their response is impressive. Their customer care service entails emailing, live chat, instant messaging and a toll free calling service. In guarantee, they give their customers a guarantee of a 30-day money back, if they are not pleased by their services. Testing their websites, they load fast and have a faster FTP access with the main server. The general impression of HostNine is good, with promising services and a wide range of plans to choose from.

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HostICan Customer Web Hosting Review

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The little known Virginia-based webhost-HostICan-was founded in late 2003. Because they offer unmetered and unrestricted bandwidth for their upper level plans, they decided to take “unmetered bandwidth” as their slogan. To become a HostICan customer or user, one must have background knowledge of websites and webhosting, since they do not have a site builder. Instead, they have templates for those who would like to use them. It offers three categories of site hosting; Virtual Private, Shared and Dedicated Hosting. For each of these categories, HostICan has two hosting plans, the lower and the upper plan levels. Available on both Windows and Linux platforms is the Virtual Private hosting plan.

Control Panel

When it comes to the control panel, HostICan uses cPanel as its control panel option for all categories. For VPS hosting, it offers Plesk. The two control panels are easy to use and perfect for efficient web administration. For merchant websites that would like to manage transaction through their websites, it offers the transaction services in partnership with another website.

Pricing and Charges

They have a little bit higher prices for webhosting compared to many of their competitors. Nevertheless, this is looked into when someone opts for a two year billing cycle, with a discount of nearly 50% recorded. They will not tell you that the 50% discount is only for those who will choose long term, until you land in their billing system.

Customer Care

Out of the many service providers in the world, HostICan offers a good customer care service of 24/7/365 toll-free calling service accompanied by a reliable emailing. Also complementing their customer care service is a daily chatting platform that opens at 8:30am and closes at 10:30pm. Generally, email responses take about four minutes; chats take two minutes with calls going directly to the human service desk after a brief introductory. Many queries are answered there and then without the assistant putting the customer on hold; however, a complex question will take a while before it is answered. For those who do not want to contact the customer care desk directly, there is a searchable database on their web site with reliable information about many aspects of website management. The information ranges from DNS management, control panel interface, File Transfer Protocol access and many others. In addition, a more than 250 member community discusses many issues about webhosting and other topics.


They have a 30-day money-back guarantee for all those who will not be pleased with their services. With Equinix as they datacenter service provider, they guarantee they customers a secured store for they data. A 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided which if not met, leads to a one-month hosting refund.


There FTP access is fast with their test website loading in a recommendable speed. They have a quick responding customer care, something that is crucial in defining HostICan. Compared to many other webhost service providers at their level, they offer higher prices for their plans, with no website builder, although it is a reasonable price for what they offer. General impression, HostICan’s services are good at a reasonable price.

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FatCow Review – Find Unbiased FatCow Web Hosting Reviews

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Although the company name may mislead you FatCow has nothing to do with beef. Instead, they offer the most reliable and cheapest internet hosting available all with a fun overview of their company. In fact, their clever play on words makes their company feel more like a friend and less like a cold business.

Fat Cow Delivers

For a low monthly rate of only $66 a year, you receive all their great and quality service. For those who might not want to do the math break down that is $5.5 a month which is cheaper than many of the other competitors on the market. But they can do this due to a complete lack of advertising.

This concept is absolutely flooring. While many companies feel a need to advertise how great they are, Fat Cow actually lets the users do it for them. Word of mouth is always the best policy in successful marketing and their users do adore them. A search on their company provides numerous amounts of praise, which is refreshing to say the least.

In fact, based on their reviews alone FatCow is among the top rated companies that provide internet hosting. Several areas even rank them at number one, no bull about it. But there are two plans the user can select from to get great service.

Great Plans for Less Money

The first being the regular plan that normally goes for $88/yr but is on sale at the moment. Users who select this plan get

* Unlimited number of domains
* Unlimited amounts of disk space
* Unlimited use of bandwidth
* Unlimited number of POP mailboxes
* Unlimited access for FTP users and sub-users
* Numerous Shopping carts & secure SSL server
* A generous $75 of advertising credits

Pus so much more, but if that is more than what you deal with they offer a minimal plan as well. This plan is called the Mini Moo.

  • Ability to forward domains.
  • Filters Spam
  • Provides Newsletter assistance
  • One e-mail account

Obviously both plans have great options attached to them, the key here is to determine what your needs are and make the most use of the plan that suits your needs the best. Because you also receive reliability with both, and that will save you at times when you need to be certain your website is up and running. FatCow maintains this reliability of a 99.9% uptime. Constant server maintenance and upgrades will always ensure your website has the best backing it.

Plus get the best in customer service as you deal with the award winning customer service department of Fat Cow. They are full of knowledge and friendly personnel that will take the time to solve your problems and provide you with detail solutions to improve your site.

Overall, FatCow offers great quality and services for a great price. They are well known for their delivery of a great service and should be strongly considered the next time you are looking at purchasing a hosting service. With reliability and more products for your money they are truly one of the best around.

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Site5 Reviews – Read our Site5 Review and Analysis

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One of the older providers of web pages, Site5 offers its users not only great quality but dependable uptimes with their hosting services. All of this done effortlessly with the UNIX operating system. This is very likely the reason they have built a large client base of satisfied customers.

Site 5 Offers More

But they are more than just your run of the mill hosting company for personal and business websites. They offer additional features that can help everyone. With them you can find great services like dedicated and virtual hosting plans as well as co-hosting locations so you are not tied down to just one.

Plus with a customer service department that is loaded with knowledge and that can help you design the plan that is not only right for you technology wise, but fits your budget as well. To date they have more than 100 servers assisting their customers, and they continue to be the leader is great amounts of bandwidth.

With their basic plan you get the features based in the Linux operating system. But it gets better with this economical shared plan. You pay $3.95 per month, but are limited to the fact you have to pay for three years. But you receive your initial setup free, while other companies tend to charge you for it. There is another option of paying $5.95 per month but you pay for an entire year up front. So depending on your budget and needs, one option might be better than the other.

Products You Can Use

As part of your package, you receive Flash, Shockwave, PHP, basic features, SSI and SSL capability among others. So you really do get a full spectrum package for the price. With this plan you can have countless websites available and you do receive your own dedicated IP address. This is a good feature if you are new to website building.

But it continues to improve on there. Site5 uses Dual 5130 Xeons with four cores and at a minimum 4GB of Ram to run their host servers. This includes the Linux operating system that your website will be based in. Plus you will also receive the ease of using their Netadmin 3 system that makes building your site easier than before. You also are able to continue using great features like FTP, e-mail, scripts and so much more. Plus any unused bandwidth from your previous month continues on to the next so you never are left with lost services.

Best of all is the fact that there is always support available for users with wait times not typically lasting more than a maximum of 15 minutes. So no matter what your problem or question is day or night there is going to be someone who can help you fix it quickly and with the knowledge to help you possibly avoiding a repeat in the future.

Site5 is the perfectly rounded hosting company for most people and a great option to consider down the road as you continue exploring all your web hosting needs.

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DreamHost Review – Reviews and Coupons of Dream Host Web Hosting

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We organized for this DreamHost review by purchasing our DreamHost review account anonymously as a new client would via their website using their site menu. It is very important to us to have purchased this account anonymously so as to avoid bias from DreamHost at the same time pretest their services and give them an exceptionally sincere and objective review.

About DreamHost

DreamHost was founded in 1997 by four Californian Computer Science undergraduates. The company’s growth has been tremendous with 50 full-time staff and well over 500,000 domains hosted. This rapid increase has currently ranked DreamHost as one of the key players in the web hosting business with great customer retention especially the original ones.

Notwithstanding, DreamHost has had its fair share of up and downs. Interestingly, their loyal customers have many a times defended DreamHost when negatively critized. Customer satisfaction has been accredited to the company’s apparent nature of management as well as having great problem solving skills. DreamHost has even gone the extra mile to share their experiences with the world through their very humorous monthly newsletters and official company blog.

Hosting 500,000+ domains requires a high-tech hardware together with the DreamHost data centre which consists of hundreds of multi-CPU servers running on the Debian Linux to efficiently and effectively meet the needs and requirements of the customers. The DreamHost data centre is hosted by a heavy duty UPS back-up system, a back-up generator with multiple redundant gigabit connections to the Internet.

Plan Features and Pricing

Currently, DreamHost is offering four diverse web hosting shared plans with different price tags. The main difference between these four plans is the disk space vis a vie the bandwidth quotas. The higher the disk space and greater the bandwidth the costly the price tag. Truth be told, the bottom “Level 1” plan is sufficient for all website needs and requirements excluding the busiest websites. In this review, we will specifically focus on the bottom “Level 1” plan otherwise known as “Crazy Domain Insane” hosting plan.

The ‘Crazy Domain Insane’ hosting plan that we anonymously purchased specifically for this review offers 200GB of disk space and 2000GB (or 2 Terabytes) of monthly data transfer/bandwidth at a cost of just $5.80 per month for your first year of hosting when using DreamHost’s special PRICESLASH DreamHost promo code.

DreamHost has a very attractive incentive to their loyal customers called the “loyalty bonus”. Each week you use DreamHost’s “Level 1” space and bandwidth you have the advantage of your own disk space increasing by 1GB as well as your data transfer/bandwidth by 16GB both on a weekly basis. This has led to great customer loyalty to DreamHost services, customer retention and referrals over the years.

Please find below a detailed table showing all the features customers enjoy for the DreamHost “Level 1” package. For a full listing of this and other DreamHost hosting plans, please visit the DreamHost web site.

Key features of DreamHost Level 1 plan (as reviewed)

  • 200GB disk storage space (increases by 1GB per week)
  • 2000GB monthly data transfer / bandwidth (increases by 16GB per week)
  • host unlimited domains under the one account
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Free domain name registration included with account
  • Free Domain WHOIS privacy included
  • 3000 POP3 or IMAP e-mail accounts
  • SPAM-assassin e-mail filtering
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Powerful custom-written control panel
  • Daily snapshot data backups
  • PHP4, PHP5, Perl, Python, CGI and Ruby / Ruby on Rails scripting
  • One-click install & upgrade of popular software packages
  • Full custom .htaccess files
  • crontab access for periodic task execution
  • Shell access via Telnet or SSH
  • 97 day money back guarantee

Note: The DreamHost web site indicates disk space and data transfer figures reduced considerably than the 200GB/2000GB shown in this review. Nevertheless, if you sign up for the DreamHost “Level 1” using our special PRICESLASH DreamHost promo code you will receive the 200GB/2000GB indicated in this review, as well as a good $50 instant discount. DreamHost space and data transfer plans are also significantly increased from those shown on the DreamHost website. The $50 discount is valid for all DreamHost plans when using the promo code, including monthly and yearly.

Control Panel

cPanel is a Unix based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. Unlike other service providers, DreamHost have customized and personalized their own software front face called the cPanel. The DreamHost cPanel offers different functional levels which is both user friendly, easy to use and is superior quality to the original cPanel. In addition, The DreamHost cPanel gives great functionality to website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration.

Day to day tasks such as managing your billing account, creating a database of email addresses, installation of software, registering domains which includes DNS configuration can be done very conveniently via the DreamHost cPanel. Manual input of data is also an option provided by the DreamHost cPanel. DreamHost also supplies a web-based File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Due to limitation, DreamHost recommends the use of a “real” FTP client at all times.

One feature that DreamHost does not offer is the page creation utility hence one will require to design the website locally on the their computer then upload the relevant files to the DreamHost web space using the ‘one-click-install’ feature on the cPanel.

Scripting Support

The different DreamHost shared plans support the full range of server-side scripting languages, including PHP4, PHP5, CGI, Perl, Python and Ruby / Ruby-On-Rails. CRON access is available for scripts that run at regular intervals. Customized .htaccess files are readily available on a domain or sub-domain basis. DreamHost gives full access on SSH and Telnet to all accounts.

The DreamHost cPanel has a unique and user friendly feature which provides for the ‘one-click install’ (and upgrade) of various popular scripts, such as WordPress, Joomla, phpbb, Gallery2 and MediaWiki. The number of applications available through this ‘one-click install’ page is few but most of the popular packages are represented. Evidently, packages not supported through this page can be installed manually.


DreamHost has made tremendous efforts to remain the most reputable service provider. This has not been easy given the challenges experienced in outages over the first few months of the pretesting phase with the pretest site being unreachable for hours on end. Customers were at some point very frustrated as they experienced long off-line periods.

Most of the downtime was due to scheduled maintenance with advance warning to customers. However, erratic outages occurred that made the site unavailable for extensive periods. DreamHost is currently putting strong measures to curb the erratic outages and return to the excellent reliable service provider.

The strongest quality that DreamHost have had is transparency with their customers during the challenges. One customer said “DreamHost’s level of communication and honesty was refreshing, I had confidence in them that they would resolve the situation and return us to normalcy. That was exactly what happened.” These and many more sentiments from customers made DreamHost a reliable service provider and are proud to have loyal customers who stayed with them through thick and thin.

Technical Support

DreamHost “Level 1” provided technical support through work tickets sent via the modern DreamHost cPanel. Frequently Asked Questions were posted on the website for ease of reference at the same time direct queries were answered promptly, within 12 hours. Responses to clients were warm and friendly at the same time provided solutions to the customer’s queries. DreamHost are in the process of recruiting more support staff to meet the rising customers demand and the response time will eventually reduce substantially.

Customers within the United States had the privilege of a limited number of support “call backs” a month. Hopefully, out of the country customers will be targeted in the next trial phase. DreamHost does maintain a customer support for which is an excellent source of information for customers.


In a nutshell, the DreamHost “Level 1” plan gives you excellent value for your money. The starting quantity of 200GB of disk-space and 2000GB of monthly data transfer/bandwidth has been tested and proven as sufficient for many busy websites.

In the recent past, DreamHost test site has been experiencing unexpected outages giving a negative impression over the otherwise best hosting service provider in the world. DreamHost have put in secured measures to avoid future occurrences of the same.

We encourage you to take advantage of the DreamHost “Level 1” promotion now and enjoy an instant discount of $50 and increased disk space of 1GB and 16GB of bandwidth. Use your DreamHost promo code now!

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